What’s wrong with wheat or why I am now gluten free.

I recently read a very interesting book about Wheat and Gluten and the profound effect it is having on our health.

The book is ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis, MD.

You need to read this book. Especially if you have trouble with your health.

The book discusses the history of our modern wheat (started out as einkorn) and why Genetic Modification has made wheat almost impossible to be tolerated by anyone. The doctor goes into much detail and includes case studies and dietary advice on how to successfully eliminate modern GMO wheat from your diet.

Rather than write a review of his book I simply suggest you get a copy of this book and read it right away. Especially if you have issues such as visceral fat (aka love handles), diabetes, hypoglycemia, inflammation, arthritis, heart disease, cloudy thinking (especially after eating wheat), joint pain, asthma, diarrhea, IBS, addiction to carbohydrates, ADHD, ADD, addictions in general, liver disease, skin rashes, and many more.

I was so shocked by the information in this book that I decided to personally go wheat-free (gluten free) immediately. This was almost 6 months ago and I can report that leaving modern wheat was one of the best choices I have made for my health in a long time. Interesting to note that I test negative for Celiac disease.

I now routinely counsel patients to try going wheat free for a month and see for themselves. I am also surprised by how many report positive changes in their health.

Read the book and decide for yourself. Or just simply try a week or a month living wheat free and find out how you respond. You might be surprised. I know I was.

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