ThetaHealing® akaTheta Healing – are you ready to create the life you want now?

Are you having health issues, but have found no solutions? Are you are struggling with things such as addiction or depression or from what is considered an ‘incurable’ disease?  Are you lacking success or struggling with emotional blocks? Has your search for a soul mate been unsuccessful?  Is your pet sick but finding the cause has proven elusive?  If so, isn’t it time to let Thetahealing® aka Theta Healing change your life?

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® aka Theta Healing is an extraordinary new healing technique that utilizes Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics. It allows you to have instant healings and make changes to create the life you want: now.

It teaches you how to put your innate intuition to use, working with the unconditional love of the ‘Creator of the Universe’ to heal yourself or any living thing: instantly.

ThetaHealing® will change your life and those around you, even animals: forever. The technique is so elementary, it is perfect. It does not demand anything from you or that you give up any other teachings.

How does ThetaHealing® aka Theta Healing work?

ThetaHealing® aka Theta Healing works by commanding the ‘Creator of the Universe’ to perform a healing and then witnessing the healing. To do this, you slow your brain wave to the Theta frequency (4 Hz – 7 Hz). This puts you in the dream-like ‘Theta state’. Once in this state, you give a command to the ‘Creator’, and then watch the ‘Creator’ perform an instantaneous healing.

ThetaHealing® gives you the ability to change yourself and others on any level: physical, mental and spiritual.

ThetaHealing®- three real life examples.

One client I worked with suffered from depression and anxiety most of her adult life. She came to me with little hope left as no other solution had brought lasting results. We did belief work and discovered a history of depression along her father’s genetic lineage. I then commanded the ‘Creator’ to heal the depression from generations past and witnessed the healing. She called me the next day to excitedly report the resolution of her depression: it has not returned.

Another client brought me his dog, a rescued Yorkie. The dog would snap at anyone who tried to pick him up. The owner consulted with a vet and pet psychic to no avail. I looked at the dog’s life and found that the previous owner had abused the dog in fits of anger, leaving emotional scars. I commanded the ‘Creator’ to heal the scars, witnessed the healing and the snapping left: it never returned.


A third client, a successful doctor, came to me because he lost the desire to practice medicine and was at a loss for what to do. After some digging, we uncovered a subconscious belief that he was unable to accept illness in others. This belief caused him emotional distress whenever he saw a sick person; he couldn’t even watch TV medical dramas with his wife. I commanded the ‘Creator’ to remove the belief. A few days later, he called to report that he had enjoyed watching ‘Greys Anatomy’ with his wife that night: amazing.

Michael Hoppe, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist, practices Classical Five Element Acupuncture, ThetaHealing®  and Total Body Modification in his Holistic Health Clinic. He has helped patients recover from a variety of ailments and specializes in psychosomatic and psychological disorders. He is located in Solana Beach at 512 Via De La Valle, Suite 210. Call 858.605.8171 to learn how Michael can help you. Please visit Michael at for more information.

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