The Great Cholesterol Myth- a book everyone should read!

I recently read an excellent book entitled ‘The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why lowering your cholesterol won’t prevent heart disease- and the statin free plan that will. It was wrtitten by Johnny Bowden, PH.D and Stephen Sinatra M.D.

This book explains where the erroneous origin of the idea that cholesterol is bad for our heath came from and how important cholesterol is to our health and that high cholesterol (of the good type) is actually an indicator of health and longevity.

Rather that rehash the book I will simply state that you must read this book as it will change your perception on diet and cholesterol. I know it did mine!

Additionally, if you are currently taking a cholesterol reducing medication (aka a statin) this book will shock you when you find out the truth about statin drugs and that there are really only a few rare exceptions where a statin is a good idea.

The book also goes into detail on dietary suggestions and supplements that will help increase your ‘good’ cholesterol and lower your ‘bad’ cholesterol. The book also suggests blood tests you should be asking your doctor to order so that you can have a complete picture of your risk factors for heart disease.

The book is available all over and I do know there is a Kindle version as well.

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